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AA attacks navy barge carrying reinforcements to Ramree, barge retreats after facing artillery strike

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 The Arakan Army (AA) launched an attack on the junta's navy barge carrying reinforcements to Ramree township of Rakhine State. As the barge was hit by artillery shells emitting smoke, it  retreated.


On 21 February at around 9 pm, an exchange of fire  between the AA fighters and junta forces took place on Kalein Taung river near Pyin Chaung Gyi village.


"We heard the sound of artillery shells and small arms firing  as the navy personnel exchanged fire with AA fighters. Both the armed sides engaged in skirmish as the barge arrived at Tan Chaung Wa shore to deliver reinforcements,” said a local resident.


During the clash, the junta forces conducted airstrikes with Y-12 military aircrafts and repeatedly bombed Ramree township in an attempt to destroy it.


"There were two Y-12 aircrafts and we heard two distinct sounds. They dropped six to seven bombs on the town," added the resident.


A source close to the AA reported that after an hour of intense fighting, the navy barge was hit by the artillery shells fired by AA fighters. At around 10:30 pm, the barge began to emit smoke and finally retreated.


"The navy barge turned back after emitting smoke. The reinforcements could not come ashore and also returned back. The warplanes dropped bombs till  11:30 pm," stated the resident.


In Ramree locality, the junta forces are attempting to reinforce their troops as they face a significant setback. The soldiers fiercely resisted and engaged air fighters to prevent the town from falling.


During the six-day naval battle in Rakhine State from 7 to 13 February, the AA fighters managed to destroy a total of five military vessels (comprising two barges). Additionally, four other military vessels were damaged to the extent that those can never be used, asserted the AA in a statement.

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