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Junta forces conduct simultaneous airstrikes on Ramree with 3 jet fighters

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  • | Date: 26 February 2024
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On February 26, three jet planes from the junta forces launched simultaneous airstrikes on the Rakhine State town of Ramree.


The residents informed that the airstrikes utilized 500lb bombs, which were more explosive than those dropped in the earlier days.


The Arakan Army (AA) launched an offensive to capture all military bases in Ramree. Responding to it, the  junta soldiers stationed at Thein Taung hill, engaged warplanes and naval vessels to protect the town.


The junta soldiers also launched repeated airstrikes on the town area with an aim to destroy the town.


Due to these conflicts, more than 200 houses in Ramree were engulfed in flames and destroyed, added the residents.

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