Monday, April 22nd 2024

Junta launches airstrikes on Min Hpu civil hospital of Minbya

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  • | Date: 28 February 2024
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 The Arakan Army (AA) on Tuesday issued a statement saying that the military junta conducted airstrikes on Min Hpu civil hospital in Minbya township of Rakhine State injuring many civilians, prisoners of war and some medical workers.


"On February 27 at  1:45 am, the hospital was deliberately targeted by the junta soldiers  using a jet fighter. As a result of these airstrikes, the hospital buildings were damaged. Many civilians coming for treatment and medical workers sustained injuries," said the statement.

The hospital also provides treatment to the prisoners of war (junta soldiers) and their family members. Facing losses in various battles for their division, battalion headquarters, military camps, police stations and towns, the junta forces are now  targeting the civilians. They have not spared even the hospitals, schools, and other community buildings. The junta’s behaviour identifies their depression and desperation as war criminals.

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