Tuesday, April 23rd 2024

Over 20 civilians injured as junta airstrikes target school with Minbya IDPs

 In Minbya township of  Rakhine State, over 20 internally displaced persons (IDPs) and villagers sustained injuries during the airstrikes of the military junta on the school, where they sought refuge.


The villagers informed  Narinjara News that the junta forces carried out airstrikes at around 1 am on 27 February. At least 15 of them sustained serious injuries.

"The warplanes carried out two airstrikes on Tuesday. Initially, they released two bombs targeting the school where  Minbya IDPs were taking shelter. After a brief interval, they conducted another round of airstrikes on the village. There were 500-pound bombs. We could not  hear the sound of warplanes but later came to know about the development with the bombing," said an elderly woman from Thay Kan village.


The airstrikes also damaged the school building and ten residential houses. The residents informed that the injured villagers were sent to a nearby hospital.


"Approximately fifteen individuals were taken to the hospital. Those with minor injuries remained at the village," she added.


Thay Kan village supports over 400 residents with more than 100 houses.


On 6 February, the Arakan Army (AA) took control of the junta's 379th, 380th and 541st light infantry battalions stationed in Minbya locality. Later on 26 February, the AA fighters seized the remaining number 9 advanced training school in the township.


Facing the defeats, the junta soldiers are now deliberately targeting the civilians, alleged the villagers.

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