Tuesday, April 23rd 2024

Sittwe ROC commander arrested following conflicts, faces military trial


The commander of Sittwe regional operations commands (ROC) brigadier general Myo Min Latt, who had been in conflicts with the commander of the western command General Htin Latt Oo was arrested and he will now face trials in a military tribunal.


A source close to the military service disclosed that the ROC commander had engaged in a fight with Htin Latt Oo during a meeting on the issues of current Rakhine losses.


"Myo Min Latt is from the officer training school batch 26 intake, while the regional commander is from DSA batch 35 intake. During the altercation, he insulted the officer by calling its intakes useless. The regional commander physically attacked the commander of the western command. Fortunately, they didn't resort to firearms," added the source.


Later, Myo Min Latt was arrested by the military headquarters after the official complaint.


"Now he is being interrogated by a military tribunal in the military headquarters," revealed the source.


The physical altercation among high-ranking commanders was triggered by the repeated loss of arms and ammunition. Lately, 80 soldiers were  killed when reinforcements were sent to Ramree township on 24 February.


The AA has warned the junta forces in Sittwe  to surrender, otherwise they will face attacks.

Many military families have returned to  Yangon in recent days.


As the junta forces face heavy losses in the Rakhine battlefields, the internal differences among the soldiers are now surfacing.

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