Monday, April 22nd 2024

Junta forces took away 117 men from Muslim camp for military training

At least 117 men from Kyauk Ta Lone IDP Muslim camp in  Kyaukphyu township of Rakhine State were forcibly taken away by the junta forces for military training at 542nd light infantry battalion.


A Kyaukphyu resident informed that those men between the ages of 18 and 55 were selected from the Muslim camp to pick up on 28 and 29 February.


The resident  also added that the junta forces collected a list of 107 IDPs, but finally they took away 117 individuals.

"A day earlier they came to the IDP camp and compiled a list of 107 individuals. But later they picked up  117,” stated the resident.



In the past few days, 10 youths including a young woman from the Kyauk Ta Lone Muslim IDP camp sought refuge with the Arakan Army (AA) after they were compelled to join the military service.


On 27 February, the junta forces under the leadership of Wunna Aung, tactical operation commander of the 542nd LIB, arrested seven  family members of those youths who sought refuge with the AA. Now the family members are sending meals to those Muslim refugees who were kept in the 542nd LIB.


"They were subjected to medical examinations in the battalion. I have learnt this because someone who failed in the medical examination informed  me. Later I witnessed the families start  sending meals to those in the battalion," added the resident.


Soon after the junta imposed the military service law against the people's will, many Muslim IDPs of  Rakhine State were compelled to join the military duties. Many were arrested and conscripted too.


According to the IDPs, the junta assured them citizenship after the completion of military training. Otherwise their family members will be arrested, threatened by the military officers.

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