Monday, April 22nd 2024

Junta forces launch airstrikes on Tat Taung town of Rakhine State

On the afternoon of Saturday, the  junta forces carried out airstrikes on Tat Taung town, located in Ann township of Rakhine State.


The junta forces conducted airstrikes at around 12 noon on 2 March targeting rural areas near to Tat Taung high school and a pearl industry, said a local resident.


"The junta forces conducted the airstrikes with two bombs. One bomb fell near the high school and the other landed near the pearl industry,” added the resident.


Local reports indicated that Tat Taung high school caught fire after the airstrikes.


Tat Taung residents informed Narinjara News about the incident, but they could not provide any more information.


Earlier the soldiers and police personnel were stationed on the pagoda hill inside Tat Taung town.


At 11 pm on 1 March, the junta forces carried out airstrikes on Kin Seik ward of Minbya township injuring four civilians.

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