Monday, April 22nd 2024

Junta forces once again launch airstrikes on Ann Thar village of Minbya Township

The military junta has conducted airstrikes on Ann Thar San Pya village under  Minbya township of Rakhine State without any ongoing conflict, which resulted in destroying several houses including a primary school building.

A resident of Ann Thar village informed Narinjara News that a jet fighter carried out the airstrikes at around 11:50 pm on Wednesday.


"The airstrikes were  intentionally carried out during night hours. It  marked the second airstrike over the village," added the resident.


The bombs, dropped by the junta's jet fighter, were powerful and it completely damaged  the school building along with some other houses.

"The entire school building collapsed. Moreover, the roofs and walls of many other houses were also blown away," stated the resident.

Ann Thar San Pya village comprises around 120 houses. Now most of the villagers have left their places due to airstrikes.


Earlier on 29 February the junta carried out airstrikes on Ann Thar San Pya village at around 11:30 pm using one jet fighter, which  damaged four houses.

The junta forces are facing defeat in every battle of the  Rakhine region as they are lacking abilities to face the Arakan Army fighters. Now they are conducting daily airstrikes targeting the civilians out of desperation, alleged the villagers.

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