Tuesday, May 21st 2024

Two Landmine Explosions in Kyaukphyu: One Man Loses Leg, Another Injured

In Kyauktaw Township, Rakhine State, two landmine explosions occurred on a single day, resulting in one man's leg being lost and another person sustaining serious leg injuries.


The individual who lost his leg is U Myo Shwe, aged 45, from Min Tat Taung Village, Kyaukphyu Township.


A resident of Kyaukphyu informed Narinjara News that on the morning of March 11, he stepped on a landmine while collecting firewood, resulting in the loss of his right leg.


"He was gathering firewood in Kyaung mountain, close to our village. There, he stepped on a landmine and lost his right leg. He was taken to the Kyaukphyu hospital," he said.


Another injured individual is U Yine Nu Aung, aged 65, from Ah Yar Shi Ward, Kyaukphyu Township.


A resident of Kyaukphyu informed Narinjara News that when he and his wife went to buy rice in Oo Kin Taung village, Thit Poke Taung village-tract, around 12 pm on March 11, he stepped on a landmine planted by junta forces in Aung Zedi village, Gone Chwein village-tract, injuring his left leg.


"I heard that the couple went to Gone Chewin to buy rice. When the roads were closed, the people from the town went to buy goods from the available road. In Kyaukphyu Township, many villages have landmines planted. The people in the area mostly make a living from fishing and shrimp farming. Many landmines are planted on those embankments. He stepped on a landmine planted on that embankment, and his left leg was injured. Currently, he is in Kyaukphyu Hospital," he said.


Residents are concerned about the risk of landmines as junta forces have planted them on embankments in various locations, including the jetty in Ka Yin Taw ward to Sai Chone, Sai Chone Dwain, Nga Pyi Taung, Hnget Pyaw Chaung, Taung Shay, near the 534th Light Infantry Battalion, Pyin Wun, and Min Tet Taung.


The 34th Infantry Battalion and the 542nd Light Infantry Battalion, units of the military junta based in Kyaukphyu Township, have planted landmines in fields and roads commonly used by civilians near Sai Chone Dwain village and Aung Zedi village, situated across the Nga La Pyawt creek. As a result, the AA is clearing these landmines.




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