Tuesday, May 21st 2024

Military junta destroys Taungup entry road to block AA fighters

The entrance route to Taungup township on Ann-Taungup highway in Rakhine State has been destroyed by the junta forces using backhoes to make it  useless  for the cars with an aim to prevent the Arakan Army (AA) fighters from coming inside.


On Tuesday morning, the main road between the checkpoint near Taungup University and Mahaw Thadar private high school was obstructed by piles of earth, preventing any cars from passing through. Additionally, the road near the checkpoint was excavated and destroyed.


"Between Mahaw Thadar school and the checkpoint, there is a large banyan tree. At the road's corner, they have piled up soil, forming an embankment-like structure. They have been working on it since morning," said a local resident.


Moreover large pits are being excavated across the main road adjacent to the checkpoint near the university.


Thus the junta forces are demolishing crucial roads used by  people to travel as they are afraid of AA fighters who may enter Taungup township.


"The junta is apprehending an attack by AA fighters. They are resorting to these actions because they lack the courage to face the conflict. Now if the AA launches an attack, they will probably flee,” added the resident.


Taungup serves as the headquarters of the 5th military operations command (MOC-5) and the local residents reported that the soldiers have made extensive military preparations to prevent MOC-5 from falling.


On the morning of 6 March, an intense clash erupted between the AA fighters and junta soldiers near Bar Yae village, where the primary substation is located, and Moke village under Taungup township. This clash followed after an AA attack on a junta convoy with landmines. According to the military sources, more than 30 soldiers were killed in the incident.

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