Tuesday, April 23rd 2024

Arrest warrant issued for Nu Kaythi San, medical superintendent of Maungdaw hospital, another physician

The military junta has issued an arrest warrant for medical superintendent Dr Nu Kaythi San and another physician Dr Aung Naing Lin of Maungdaw district general hospital in Rakhine State.


"The junta compelled the hospital staff to relocate to Sittwe. After the directive, the medical superintendent and several medical staff  fled prompting the junta to issue an arrest warrant," said a  Maungdaw resident.


The junta forced to close the Maungdaw hospital to establish a military camp and thus it led to forced eviction of doctors and other staff from the hospital premises.

A local health worker informed Narinjara News that the junta soldiers are currently stationed at the hospital leading the health workers to leave the campus.


"The hospital is now occupied by a group of soldiers. As the staff were evicted, the hospital was now devoid of any medical personnel," he added.

The  junta officials inspected the hospital and accused the medical staff of providing medical treatment to the Arakan Army (AA) fighters.


"Based on the claim of  AA fighters receiving  treatment there, the junta people inspected the hospital. The staff were asked to leave for Sittwe. They faced the threat of arrest if they failed to do so,” he explained.

The Maungdaw township hospital was completely shut down on 4 March in order to set up a military camp.

It created a lot of difficulties for the residents, especially the poor families, to access healthcare.


Meanwhile, the fighting in Maungdaw continued as the AA fighters maintained their offensive. They have almost captured  Maungdaw township.


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