Tuesday, April 23rd 2024

Junta reinforces troops, deploys artillery at Tha Htay hydropower project in Thandwe

The military junta has reinforced troops and deployed artillery at  Tha Htay hydropower project in Thandwe township of Rakhine State, said a local source familiar with the project.


"The artillery were brought and deployed at the hydropower project site. Five howitzers have been positioned," the source added.


On 24 March, five howitzers were positioned at the project site.


The clashes have erupted in southern Rakhine localities including Taungup township, where the 5th military operations command (MOC-5) is located. However, construction of the hydropower project continues under the junta's security plan.


There is still military tension between the Arakan Army fighters and junta soldiers about two miles away from the hydropower project in the areas between Thandwe and Taungup townships.


The  junta forces conducted airstrikes with jet fighters and fired from the navy near Hone Pauk village under  Taungup township and  Chi Chaung area near Daw Mya new village.


The junta soldiers and police personnel maintain strict checking of  national registration cards of those who are working at Tha Htay hydropower project. They also prohibit the drivers from leaving the workplace.


"The drivers from the hydropower project are not allowed to leave. About 70 soldiers and police personnel are stationed inside," another source informed Narinjara News.


The residents also revealed that on the morning of 24 March, the navy personnel fired five artillery shells towards Zin Pyun mountain near Hone Pauk village, which is located not far from the hydropower project.


On 20 March, the junta forces conducted airstrikes with jet fighters on the mountains near the Chi Chaung areas between Hone Pauk village in Taungup  and Daw Mya new village in Thandwe township.



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