Tuesday, April 23rd 2024

50 Muslims from Kyauk Ta Lone IDP camp armed and sent to Kyaukphyu outposts

Around 50 Muslims from Kyauk Ta Lone IDP camp, who were conscripted and underwent military training by the military junta, have been armed and dispatched to outposts across Kyaukphyu township for duties.


"They arrived from the 542nd battalion at  Nga La Pyawt jetty in three vehicles. Two of the vehicles carried around 50 Muslims, while the third vehicle transported around twenty soldiers. They were equipped with weapons," said a source.


The local residents informed that on the morning hours of 28 March, they were forced to wear military uniforms and given guns on their hands. They were escorted by more than 20 soldiers from the 542nd battalion to Nga La Pyawt jetty and Pyin Phyu Maw ward.


Those Muslims were deployed to guard the outposts where the soldiers were stationed in Pyin Phyu Maw and Nga La Pyawt wards in Kyuakphyu.


On 28 February, 117 men from Kyauk Ta Lone IDP camp in Kyaukphyu Township were forcefully taken to the 542nd battalion, led by tactical operation commander Wunna Aung, where they received military training.


Approximately 50 of those currently dispatched to the junta's outposts are among the Muslims who had undergone the training.

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