Tuesday, April 23rd 2024

Six people were hurt in the junta's airstrike in Maebon

 Six locals in the town of Kan Htaung Gyi, in Myebon Township, were hurt in an airstrike by the Myanmar military air force.


A resident of Kan Htaung Gyi informed Narinjara News that around 10:30 am on March 29, artillery shells were launched by junta forces positioned at Kyar Hein mountain in upper Kazu Kaing, Ann Township.


"Between approximately 10:30 am and 1 pm, there was continuous artillery fire. A boy and a girl from Ywar Thit ward sustained injuries to their legs and hands. At least six people were injured in total. This has left everyone in the area extremely concerned,” he said.


The injured individuals are Ma Aye Aye Myint, 13 years old; Ko Thurein Soe, 18 years old; Ko Maung Myo Satt, 23 years old; Daw Ma Aye, 42 years old; U Maung Aye, 42 years old, all from Ywar Thit ward; and U Maung Chay Oo, 54 years old, from Taung Pine ward in Kan Htaung Gyi town.


Furthermore, an Ann resident informed Narinjara News that artillery shells were also launched from navy ships advancing from the Ann River and Myebon's Kyun Thar Yar.


"I hadn't heard any fighting in Ann Township until 12 pm today. However, there were artillery shells being fired from Kazu Kaing in Ann and from navy ships in the river towards Myebon Township," he stated.


Last December, artillery shells launched by the junta forces from the southern area of Kazu Kaing in Ann Township injured four residents. Additionally, a woman, who suffered from heart disease, passed away due to fear caused by the shelling.


Additionally, on March 24, a nurse sustained serious injuries when junta forces carried out airstrikes on Kan Htaung Gyi hospital in Myebon Township, Rakhine State.


The hospital's men's ward, women's ward, and delivery room were all destroyed as a result of the artillery shells.


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