Tuesday, April 23rd 2024

AA captures Taung Bazar camp in Buthidaung

 The Arakan Army (AA) has successfully captured Taung Bazar camp in Buthidaung township of Rakhine State on Monday. The AA fighters now continue fighting in Buthidaung, Ann, and Myebon townships.


At 11:36 am on 25 March, a brief skirmish took place between AA fighters and a column of 50 junta soldiers belonging to the 234th infantry battalion, under the Buthidaung tactical operation command of the junta, on Buthidaung-Maungdaw Kyaw road, approximately four  kilometers south of Kyauk Phyu Taung village under Buthidaung township.


During the skirmish, eight  junta soldiers were killed and the AA fighters captured Taung Bazar camp.



On 26 March, a clash erupted between AA fighters and junta forces at around 1,400 meters west of Lone village in Ann township, which is the headquarters of the western command of the junta.


That day at  10:18 am, a clash took place between a column comprising the soldiers from 346th light infantry battalion and other battalions under the junta's 5th military operations command (MOC-5) and AA fighters. The skirmish lasted for about 30 minutes.


The junta forces launched attacks using drones, airstrikes and ground artillery shells. At least 15 soldiers  were killed  and 15 others injured during the clash.


The AA fighters also recovered arms and ammunition from the military base. Two AA fighters sustained minor injuries.


On 28 March, a brief skirmish took place between AA fighters and the 563rd light infantry battalion under the 3rd military operations command (MOC-3) of the junta. The clash occurred on a ridge at around  2400 meters northeast of Le Thon village under Myebon township.


By now, the AA fighters are gradually intensifying their offensive to capture the Kyein Chaung border guard outpost in Maungdaw township. The soldiers are putting up fierce resistance with the airstrikes and artillery barrages. 



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