Tuesday, April 23rd 2024

Clashes erupt between AA fighters and junta soldiers in Magway region

Two clashes with the junta forces erupted in Ngape township of Magway region resulting in the death of at least 10 soldiers and injuries to 18 others, said an Arakan Army (AA) statement.


The clashes broke out on 26 March near Tonegyi village and on 28 March near Chaungphyar village of Magway region.

"At around 10:48 am on Tuesday, a clash occurred between AA fighters and a column of 40 soldiers at 1,500 meters northeast of Tonegyi village under Ngape township,” said the statement.

At least four soldiers were killed and eight others injured in the battle.

On Thursday at around 8:58 am, another clash took place between a column of 50 soldiers  and AA fighters on a ridge about 700 meters south of Chaungphyar village under Ngape township, where six soldiers were killed and 10 others sustained injuries.

The AA fighters also recovered arms and ammunition from the military bases, added the statement.


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