Tuesday, April 23rd 2024

Junta forces launch airstrikes on Kan Htaung Gyi town, school destroyed

 The junta forces have conducted the second round of airstrikes on Kan Htaung Gyi town in Myebon township and in the latest attack the soldiers even targeted and destroyed a school.


A local resident informed  Narinjara News that in the evening hours of 31 March, the soldiers

conducted airstrikes using a jet fighter. The bombs landed in Rakhine Kone ward, causing the basic education post primary school to catch fire. At least four houses in the ward turned into ashes.

"The airstrikes were conducted by a jet fighter, which left all of us in shock. We witnessed the fire in Rakhine Kone ward, where a school building and other houses caught fire. The airstrikes were carried out over  Kan Htaung Gyi town for the second time in a week," he added.

The residents reported that junta forces conducted airstrikes around Kan Htaung Gyi town four times between 22 and 31 March.

A woman from Ann township expressed her worries over the  airstrikes targeting the populous town areas.


"Even though we haven't experienced airstrikes in our village, it’s common in Myebon locality. Many People were  killed and injured,” she added.


According to information gathered by Narinjara News, the junta forces have conducted 21 airstrikes in Rakhine State from 1 to 28 March resulting in the death  of 48 people and injuries to 62 others.

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