Tuesday, April 23rd 2024

Junta's 88th division commander killed in Kachin conflict, confirms KIA's information officer

Brigadier general Min Htut Oo, commander of the junta's 88th division, was killed in clashes against the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) in Momauk-Lwegel region of Kachin State, claimed colonel Naw Bu, KIA's information officer.


Speaking to Narinjara News, he confirmed  that Min Htut Oo was killed on 29 March. The fighting took place near Man Nawng village where the junta forces conducted airstrikes using an aircraft believed to be the Y-12.


“The location of the battle and the division commander's position were quite distant. We received news that the Y-12 aircraft's airstrikes hit the area, where the commander was staying and subsequently he died,” said Naw Bu.


Min Htut Oo was injured during the clashes and died while receiving treatment at Bhamo hospital, said a local source.


On 29 March, during the fighting on  Momauk-Lwegel road, the junta soldiers suffered significant losses and the commander of the 88th division was also injured. Later he was shifted to Bhamo hospital, but succumbed to injuries there.


Since the beginning of Three Brotherhood Alliance's offensive titled Operation 1027, commanders of the 99th, 88th and 44th divisions were killed in the clashes and six brigadier-generals of the junta had surrendered.

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