Tuesday, April 23rd 2024

AA launches offensive against Ann-based garrison engineer battalion

The Arakan Army (AA) has launched an offensive against the garrison engineer battalion (GE) near the western command in Ann township of Rakhine State.


A resident of Ann informed Narinjara News that the clash between the GE personnel and AA fighters began at 5:30 pm on 31 March.


"The GE battalion is located to the west of the supply unit. Both sides fired at each other and the fighting continued for the whole night,” he added.


The junta forces on 1 April bombarded Ann locality with airstrikes and naval attacks.


"The junta used navy, air force and army personnel in the battle. The soldiers targeted the Kan Htaung Gyi town, Kazu Kaing and Dar Lat area. Later the AA fighters launched another offensive against them,”  he explained.


The artillery shells are being fired daily by the jet fighters and MI-35 helicopters. The artillery units stationed at 1-mile hill in Ann,  371st light infantry battalion, artillery battalion of the western command and Taw Hein Taung tactical operation command in Kazu Kaing were activated. Additionally, navy ships stationed at Naung Taw Gyi and Naung Daw Nge in Myebon township were also engaged in firing artillery shells.


The GE battalion  is positioned near the 371st light infantry battalion and the signals battalion.


Meanwhile, all family members of the Ann-based 372nd light infantry battalion and supply unit had retreated to western command on 27 March and regrouped.


As the fighting intensified, the local residents fled to  safer places.

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