Tuesday, May 21st 2024

180 junta soldiers to be sent back, 170 trapped Bangladeshis to return: Bangla minister

Bangladesh foreign minister  Hasan Mahmud stated that the efforts are underway to bring home 170 Bangladeshi nationals trapped in Myanmar for various reasons and also send back 180 members of Myanmar’s Border Guard Police (BGP) force including three military personnel who took refuge in Bangladesh.


Mahmud made this statement while exchanging views with the journalists at his Dhaka office on Tuesday.


"We are working to bring back 170 Bangladeshis from Myanmar. We are also planning to send back 180 BGP personnel who have taken refuge in Bangladesh," said Mahmud.


A total of 177 BGP personnel initially entered Bangladesh and later three military personnel joined them.


 "Myanmar military government has agreed to take them back," he added.


"They proposed to use sea routes to send them back. We decided to repatriate them this week, but due to the unfavourable sea condition, they abandoned the plan. The will be sent back next week or as soon as the sea becomes calm," he stated.


He also informed that the military regime had agreed to the proposal to send back 170 Bangladeshis detained in their country.

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