Tuesday, May 21st 2024

Military junta compels Manaung residents to oppose Arakan Army

The military junta has reportedly compelled the residents of  Manaung township in Rakhine State to oppose the Arakan Army (AA), said locals.


On 7 April at around 2 pm, approximately 30 junta soldiers entered Thit Pone village in Manaung township and  asked the villagers in a meeting to sign documents stating that they oppose the AA.


"After organising a meeting the soldiers distributed papers through the village administrator and  asked the residents to write their names, NRC number, address, etc. There was a line read  'We do not want Arakan Army’ and the soldiers asked the villagers to sign over the papers," said a social activist.


He also added that the soldiers asked the villagers to guard their places. The villagers submitted their  names. Next  morning, the  soldiers arrived and cautioned them not to support  the AA. Prior to it, the villagers posted letters in three locations saying ‘We do not want the military junta’.


Within a few days, several men between the ages of 18 and 50  fled from the village as their names were listed for military service, as they don't want to serve in the military.


"I haven't been able to flee. Many young people have fled to safer places. I'm now scared. I have many responsibilities towards the family here. That's why I haven't been able to flee,” he added.


As the junta relinquished control of many northern townships to the AA, the Rakhine activists reported that in some southern townships, the civilians are being arrested and interrogated without any reason. Even they have fired with artillery shells indiscriminately.

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