Tuesday, May 21st 2024

Junta forces use backhoes to destroy Yangon-Ann road after Skirmish near 373rd battalion in Ann

After the clashes between the junta forces and Arakan Army (AA) erupted near the 373rd light infantry battalion base in Ann township of Rakhine State on 9 April, the junta soldiers destroyed the Yangon-Ann using backhoes.


"A clash took place near the 373rd battalion in close  proximity to Ywar Thar Yar village. The soldiers at the checkpoint near the battalion are conducting ambushes and patrolling. They have also used backhoes to destroy the Sittwe-Ann road near the checkpoint. Previously, pedestrians were checked there. Another checkpoint is set up near the COD depot close to the western command," said a local resident.

At 2 pm on 9 April in the vicinity of Ann township, the residents heard the sound of artillery shelling from No 757 electrical workshop division and  three jet fighters hovered over the town.

Some soldiers stationed in Mel Taung have also joined the western command.

In Ann locality where the western command is located, there has been intense fighting in recent days. On 4 April, the AA fighters and soldiers clashed near Lone village under the township, resulting in the death of four soldiers, stated by the AA.

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