Tuesday, May 21st 2024

Junta forces plant landmines in areas where residents have to rely for livelihood

The junta forces are reportedly planting landmines in the forests and mountains of Thandwe township of Rakhine State, which are otherwise crucial for the livelihood of local residents.


A local woman informed Narinjara News that the junta soldiers planted landmines in the forest areas near Pa Yit and Yay Kauk old villages, which are approximately 30 miles away from town. Moreover  Bauk Taung mountain of  Thandwe township is also used for planting mines.

"I witnessed the soldiers digging and planting landmines. We do not dare to go to those areas," she added.


The soldiers are planting landmines to target the Arakan Army fighters in the jingles, but they are actually putting the local population in troubles.

"The soldiers suspect that many AA fighters are inside the forest and hence they have planted landmines.In Kyaukphyu, the landmines are frequently triggered making it unsafe for the locals to traverse the area,” said a resident of Thandwe.


A  Thandwe farmer claimed that the landmines in the forest-mountains emerge as a great concern to the local people who are working in gardens, betel plantations, paddy field and forests.



“Nobody dares to enter the forest. Those who survived collecting firewood, working in betel plantations and paddy fields, now feel scared to go inside the forest,” added the farmer.


On 10 April at around 3:30 pm, the local residents reported that they heard the sound of small arms firing from the mountains in the west of the junta's Bar Taung checkpoint long the Thandwe-Taungup route.


According to a list compiled by Narinjara News, ten people lost their legs and two  others were otherwise injured after stepping on landmines in Rakhine State from 3 March to 9 April.

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