Sunday, July 21st 2024

Rebranding Arakan Army to represent all people in Rakhine State: AA spokesperson

Arakan Army has been rebranded as Arakha Army (AA) with an aim to represent all people living in Rakhine State, said AA spokesperson U Khaing Thu Kha.


"Arakha Army is a name that represents all the Arakha people living in the State. That's why we have rebranded it,” added U Khaing Thu Kha.


In the message sent by its commander-in-chief general Twan Mrat Naing on the occasion of 15th anniversary of the Arakan Army  on 10 April, he used the name as Arakha Army.


When contacted by Narinjara News, the AA spokesperson confirmed that they have  rebranded the organisation.


"Arakha is the word used to refer to the Rakhine region since time immemorial. It holds deep meaning and represents all the people living in Rakhine State. That's why we have  chosen this name," he stated.


Now the members serving in the army will be named Arakha fighters.


Mentionable is that AA was established on 10 April 2009 in  KIO/KIA-controlled Laiza town by 26 patriotic Rakhine youths. Currently, the revolutionary organisation has about 50,000 members.


As of now, the AA has taken control over nine townships including Paletwa of Chin State. The AA fighters are conducting offensives against the military battalions in Buthidaung township as well as the western command in Ann and border guard stations in Maungdaw townships.

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