Tuesday, May 21st 2024

Junta forces set civilian motorboats, sampans on fire in the outskirts of Sittwe

The junta forces set a number of motorboats and sampans on fire in Shwe Min Gan creek near Sittwe township's naval base. Those were owned by civilians who fled from Kyay Taw village due to emerging conflicts.


An eyewitness reported that on 10 April at around 8 am, the junta soldiers from Shwe Min Gan naval outpost set many civilian motorboats docked in the creek on fire.

"They erected fences along Shwe Min Gan's shore and set the boats and sampans on fire. I cannot tell how many were burned. Most of the affected owners have fled due to the military situation,” added the eyewitness.


At that time three boats docked on the bank of the creek in front of Kyay Taw Ywar Ma Pagoda in sittwe locality. All these were set on fire by a group of soldiers and police personnel.


"The arsonists included both the soldiers and police personnel. Many  civilians have already fled from their villages leaving their boats and sampans unattended,” said a reliable source, adding that the junta officials probably want to prevent the residents from fleeing.


Local residents suspected that the military junta was making full scale military preparations in Sittwe township. They are now increasing security cover at the entry and exit points of the locality and also conducting day & night patrols.

Moreover, the junta forces are planting landmines in Sittwe locality and also arresting the civilians who try to escape the conflict.

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