Tuesday, May 21st 2024

Junta releases 36 from Sittwe prison, Rakhine Women's Network chairperson also comes out

 On Myanmar's New Year's Day, 36 prisoners including Daw Nyo Aye, chairperson of Rakhine Women's Network and 9 other political prisoners were released from Sittwe prison as part of the military junta's act of amnesty.


Daw Nyo Aye was arrested and sentenced to two  years in prison for attending the Sittwe Rice Crisis Day commemoration last year. She was released today with good health, confirmed by her  family members.


"Initially I heard that 70 prisoners would be released, but only 36 came out from the prison  on Wednesday. Daw Nyo Aye was released at around 2:30 pm,” said a family member.


On 18 March 2023, Daw Nyo Aye was sentenced to two years in prison under section 505(b). She was arrested by the police on 15 August for attending the 56th Sittwe Rice Crisis Day celebration which was organised by Sittwe Students' Union at the students' union office in the Rakhine capital city on 13 August.


On the auspicious day, the junta released  3,303 prisoners from various jails in Myanmar.

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