Tuesday, May 21st 2024

Junta forces launch airstrikes on mountains near Kyauk Se Pyin village under Mrauk U

The junta forces carried out three airstrikes on the mountains near Kyauk Se Pyin village under Mrauk U township of  Rakhine State at around 6 am on Friday.


"The junta soldiers conducted three airstrikes using a jet fighter. I was quite shocked because the bombs were unexpectedly dropped from the jet fighter. Fortunately, the bombs did not land in the village but on mountains near the village. I cannot confirm if there were any casualties as some people might have been in the mountains to cut wood and bamboo," said Kyauk Se Pyin village administrator.

He informed that the villagers were in a state of panic and distress because of  the airstrikes.


A local resident stated that the junta's jet fighter flew over Kyauktaw town.


"Since yesterday, a jet fighter has been circling over Kyauktaw. This action is causing fear among the people. However, there has been no actual battle. Ongoing presence of the jet fighter  caused serious concerns for the people," added the resident.


Additionally, on 15 April a jet fighter flew over Kyauktaw causing panic and distress among the local residents.

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