Tuesday, May 21st 2024




Both the communities have noted that the military junta is the perpetrator behind the arson of homes in Buthidaung. The military junta, as usual, has historically fuelled conflict between the two primary communities in Rakhine, and now they are intensifying efforts to sow discord between the Rakhine and Rohingya Muslim communities.

According to local residents, the military junta is compelling Muslim residents in Buthidaung and Maungdaw localities to join military services, arming them to attack the Arakha Army (AA), and also forcing them to break into Rakhine families’ properties and set their houses on fire.


The primary goal of the junta is to instigate conflict between the two communities residing in the Rakhine region, with the aim of securing their rule.


This action is also thought of as an effort to divert attention from the ongoing political and military crisis faced by the  junta.

A local Muslim in Buthidaung stated that they cannot accept the act of torching Rakhine homes, emphasizing that there is no conflict between the Rakhine people and local Muslims, and attributing this tragic event to instigation by the military junta.


For this reason, it is imperative for both communities not to fall into the trap created by the junta and to strive for long-term benefits between the two groups, with the goal of preventing ethnic and religious conflicts.

The  junta, facing setbacks in various battles in Rakhine State, is striving to retain control over Buthidaung and Maungdaw. However, if these areas are to be relinquished, it is crucial for everyone to recognize that the junta is stoking animosity and conflict between the Rakhine people and the Muslim community in the region, intentionally igniting turmoil in the area.


According to credible reports, the junta is strategically planning to replicate incidents like the one in Buthidaung, Maungdaw and Sittwe townships.


Through this editorial, we call upon not just the Rakhine and Muslim communities in Rakhine State but all ethnic groups to reject the divisive and incendiary actions by the  enemies. It's vital to prevent conflicts between the ethnic groups, unite and collectively oppose the military dictatorship until its complete demise.



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