Tuesday, May 21st 2024

Diarrhoea outbreak causes death to 80 Muslims in Sittwe, hundreds remain in critical condition

Nearly 80 Muslim people died from diarrheal diseases within a few weeks in Sittwe township of Rakhine State and hundreds remain in critical condition due to the outbreak, said a Muslim activist.


The victim Muslims are recorded as 27 individuals from Ohn Taw Gyi south camp, 27 from Say Ta Mar Gyi camp, three from Ohn Taw Chay camp, eight from Ohn Taw Gyi north camp, five from Dar Pai village, one from Thet Kae Pyin village, one from Bar Sar village camp, two from Bar Sar village and two  from Bu May village.

"Most of the victims were children under the age of 12. The fatalities took place across Sittwe where the camps witnessed more victims. The primary reason for fatalities was the lack of proper medicines," added the activist.


The high mortality rate among the Muslims indicates the lack of medication facilities created by the military junta with restrictions on transportation activities. Moreover, the junta’s prohibition on international aid for medical treatment and lack of hospitality also added more problems.

The Muslims in Sittwe depend on Thet Kae Pyin cottage hospital where more than 200 people are undergoing treatment  for diarrheal diseases.


Regarding the reported deaths, the Rakhine public health department and Rakhine military junta spokesperson (U Hla Thein) were tried to communicate, but failed. So Narinjara News cannot independently verify the count.


Mentionable is that since the battles erupted in Rakhine State, the junta blocked all the land and waterways, which resulted in enormous difficulties for the people in regards to healthcare access too.

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