Tuesday, May 21st 2024

Kyauk Phyu’s Dway Cha village burnt down by junta forces, 28 houses destroyed

At least 28 houses in Dway Cha village under Kyauk Phyu township were destroyed by the fire that erupted in the afternoon hours of Sunday because of artillery shell-firing by navy personnel belonging to the junta targeting populous areas with no provocation.


Since the early morning hours on 21 April, the Taung Maw Gyi naval base in Sane town and naval vessels in Than Zit river fired artillery shells continuously. After some hours it resulted in destroying many houses in Dway Cha village.


"I cannot remember how many times the junta forces  fired the shells. Some artillery shells landed in Dway Cha village and the fire engulfed many houses,” said a local resident, adding that the fire continued to blaze till 2 pm in the village.

Lately, the junta forces have been firing indiscriminately towards the villages without any provocation. Taung Maw Gyi naval base continues firing for many days now.


By 10:30 am on 10 April, two artillery shells fired from the Taung Pone Gyi naval base exploded in Shwe Hin Thar ward.

The residents informed Narinjara News that on 18 April at around 1 pm, Sane town was bombarded with the artillery shells from the naval vessels docked in Zin Chaung river. The junta forces also conducted  drone attacks  which compelled hundreds of families to flee from their places.



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