Tuesday, May 21st 2024

NUG condemns junta's plot to escalate ethnic conflicts in Rakhine State

The National Unity Government (NUG) has condemned the junta's malicious strategies to escalate ethnic conflicts in Rakhine State. 


"It has been found that the junta is engaged in a cunning and devious plan to accelerate ethnic conflicts by fabricating protests and manipulating the public perception. The junta is also falsely depicting Muslims as opponents to the Arakha Army (AA) in their offensive against the terrorist junta forces," said NUG in a statement issued on 21 April.


It also highlighted that the military regime is manipulating the Muslims living in Rakhine State to stand against the AA fighters by joining the soldiers.


The Muslims have already received  military training and weapons from the junta. Under the leadership of military rulers there have been blatant acts of arson, demolition, violence against the civilians and restriction on  international humanitarian aid organizations in Buthidaung.


The NUG has strongly condemned the acts disrupting the peaceful coexistence of people in the Rakhine region and urged the residents to overcome political tricks engineered by the military junta to stir up ethnic and religious conflicts. It also urged the people to maintain  inter-ethnic trust, respect and understanding.


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