Sunday, July 21st 2024

AA captures Taw Hein Taung tactical command in Ann

 The Arakha Army (AA) has captured Taw Hein Taung tactical operation command at  Kazu Kaing village under  Ann township of Rakhine State. As fierce clashes continue with AA fighters, the  junta forces are fleeing in disorder, said local residents.


The command base, which houses around 600 junta soldiers, is a fortified tactical operation base, strategically positioned to protect the western command.


According to a reliable source, the AA fighters occupied the base on Thursday, despite the junta's defence with a number of airstrikes.


“No more junta soldiers are present on the mountain as the AA fighters detained all of them. The soldiers on the mountain fled away and many were killed,” added the source.


There was an intense skirmish at  Ohn Nwe Chaung village between Ann town and Kazu Kaing village that erupted by 8 am on 25 April.


After deserting the base, soldiers fled towards  Kazu Kaing, Swae Chaung, Ohn Taing Chaung and Sin Ohn Taing villages at the foot of mountains by 26 April.


"AA fighters have taken possession over the mountain. They besieged the soldiers at the

mountain bottom,” said a local villager, adding that they could hear the sound of gunfire.


“The fleeing soldiers from Taw Hein Taung were scattered here and there,” added the villager.


Meanwhile, the junta forces are sending more weapons and reinforcements through the aircrafts to Ann locality


The AA fighters have reportedly besieged the western command in Ann township, where the soldiers fired the shells and also used the drones.


On 9 April, a major was killed when the artillery shells fired by the AA fighters exploded over the signals battalion. Later the military families in the western command were relocated to NayPyiTaw by aeroplanes.


Even though the residents claimed that Taw Hein Taung tactical operation command in Kazu Kaing village was captured by the AA fighters, Narinjara News cannot independently confirm the information.

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