Monday, June 17th 2024

AA captures tactical operation commands based in Ann

Kant Kaw Ni Ni

Narinjara News, 3 May 2024

Following an offensive, the key Taw Hein Taung tactical operation command and Swae Chaung tactical operation command based in Ann township of Rakhine State, where the western command is located, were captured by the Arakha Army (AA) fighters.


The captured  Swae Chaung tactical operation command  housed around  300 junta soldiers and it fell on 26 April. On the other hand, Taw Hein Taung tactical operation command with around 600 soldiers was captured on 28 April.

“We have received information that the Swae Chaung command base was captured after a heavy casualty among the soldiers. When Taw Hein Taung was seized around 400 individuals, including soldiers and their family members were trapped and many fled towards the town areas," a reliable source informed Narinjara News.


The AA is yet to disclose information about the captures of both the command bases. Intense clashes between the junta forces and  AA fighters took place in Mel Let Maung and Kyat Yae San areas and the fighting continued till Tuesday.


The junta forces are trying to transport necessary supplies to the western command through  the Ann-Padan road despite it being closed by the AA. Recently, the AA checkpoints on the road prevented some trucks from delivering their supplies to the western command.

On 30 April, the AA checkpoint intercepted 26 trucks loaded with food supplies. Those trucks from Magway were loaded with items meant for the western command at Ngape township, which is adjacent to Ann locality, added the source.

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