Monday, June 17th 2024

AA captures 6th border guard police battalion in Inn Din of southern Maungdaw

Naung Min Thu, Narinjara News, 6 May 2024


The 6th border guard police battalion in Inn Din of  southern Maungdaw township is now completely occupied by the Arakha Army (AA) fighters on Sunday morning after thousands of junta soldiers deserted the base, said local residents.


"The AA fighters surrounded the battalion for many weeks. Now the villagers from Inn Din and Pel Yone villages have fled for safer places,” stated a resident.


The commander along with border guard personnel feared attacks by the AA fighters and hence deserted the base to move towards Kyauk Pan Du area.


"Thousands of border guard personnel from Inn Din fled with the fear of an  AA offensive,” added the resident.


The battalion housed thousands of personnel and it was fully captured on 5 May, said the residents of Maungdaw. Following its capture, the AA fighters now target 9th border guard police battalion, Mawyawadi tactical operation command, Mawyawadi 4th border guard police battalion, Pann Taw Pyin base, 2nd border guard police battalion and 5th border guard police battalion.


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