Tuesday, May 21st 2024

Junta forces destroy Pan Taw Pyin bridge after retreating from Pan Taw Pyin base

Naung Min Thu/Narinjara News, 10 May 2024

The junta forces, stationed at  Pan Taw Pyin border guard outpost in Maungdaw township, retreated and they destroyed Pan Taw Pyin bridge using a mine attack.


The bridge is situated two miles and one furlong south of Maungdaw town.


The junta soldiers retreated at around 5 am on 9 May and destroyed the bridge at around 6 am, said the Muslim residents of Pan Taw Pyin village.


"After the bridge was destroyed, local residents of nine villages have found it difficult to  transport their essential items,” added a resident.


Pan Taw Pyin village-tract comprises four Muslim dominated villages namely Pa Din, Ma Gyee Chaung, Nyaung Chaung and Nu Lar.


"Destruction of the bridge has created significant troubles for the  Muslim residents. Now the auto rickshaws and motorcycles can not access the town. So the pregnant women and elderly people with others will face a difficult time," stated the Muslim resident.


On 8 May, the junta forces destroyed several bridges in Maungdaw Township  including 100-foot-long & 12-foot-wide three-mile iron bridge on the main road to northern Maungdaw,  150-foot-long & 10-foot-wide La Baw Zar bridge on the road to Hla Phoe Khaung and 16-foot-long & 12-foot-wide concrete bridge at  Kan Kya (north) village.



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