Tuesday, May 21st 2024

4 children killed, 1 injured by explosive remnants of war in Paletwa

Thinzar New, Narinjara News, 10 May 2024


Four children were killed and one was injured as they  played with remnants of war in Paletwa township of Chin State.


The victims are identified as Maung Aung Mi Tun (10), Maung Aung Lin Soe (10), Maung Lin Myat (8) and Maung Aung Lin Tun (8) from Khawea village under Paletwa locality. Maung Aung Soe Lin (8) sustained injuries and he was admitted to the hospital.


A Paletwa resident informed Narinjara News that they were laying with explosive remnants, which exploded suddenly. They found the unexploded artillery shell near their village.


"There used to be a military base near Khawea village and the children found the remnants there. It’s unfortunate that four minor boys had to die because of their ignorance,” said a local resident.


The Arakha Army (AA) had captured  Khawea tactical operations command in Paletwa locality on 27 December.


A Kyauktaw resident informed Narinjara News that the entire Paletwa is currently under the control of the AA. He expressed concern over low awareness about explosives among the common residents.


Seven children (aged between 4 and 11) were earlier injured on 13 April as they were playing with remnants of war in Taman Thar village under Maungdaw township of Rakhine State.


On 22 April, two children (under the age of 10) died on the spot, while playing with remnants in Tha Yet Oak village under the same township.

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