Tuesday, May 21st 2024

UN expresses concern over escalating conflict in Rakhine State

Jonathan/ Narinjara News, 12 May 2024


The United Nations expressed serious concern over the escalating conflict in Rakhine State of western Myanmar. In a statement  released on 9 May, the UN stated that as inter-communal tensions rise and forced recruitment continues, the local civilians in the Rakhine region face devastating violence.


The report added that the gun fighting between the junta forces and Arakha Army (AA) fighters is rapidly escalating in Buthidaung locality of northern Rakhine.

As the AA fighters move closer to the downtown area of Buthidaung, the military airstrikes have intensified, stated the report.


It also reminded all parties engaged in the conflict to adhere to the international humanitarian law and avoid targeting aid-workers or offices of humanitarian organizations.


Amid the deteriorating security situation across Myanmar, the UN reiterates its call for the protection of civilians, cessation of hostilities and continuation of humanitarian access.


It  urged all stakeholders to cease disseminating misinformation & hate speeches, and promote social cohesion and respect for human rights.


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