Tuesday, May 21st 2024

Junta forces launch massive airstrikes after AA fighters captured 2 battalions in Buthidaung

 Naung Min Thu, Narinjara News, 13 May 2024


Soon after the Arakha Army (AA) launched an offensive on 12 May and finally captured two battalions based in Buthidaung’s entry area and on Nga Kyein Tauk Kyaw road of Rakhine State, the junta forces started conducting continuous airstrikes using jet fighters.

"Two jet fighters were used to carry out airstrikes 4 to 5 times. Observing the relentless airstrikes, I apprehend more than two battalions had already fallen to the AA fighters,” said a local villager.


Reports emerge that the AA fighters have captured the 345th and 352nd light infantry battalions stationed in  Buthidaung.

The AA fighters continue launching  offensives against the 345th, 353rd and 535th light infantry battalions along with the 233rd, 234th and 263rd infantry battalions. The 378th artillery battalion, which is located at the entry point to Buthidaung, also faces attacks.


After capturing the headquarters of 15th military operations command (MOC-15) and the 551st, 552nd, 564th and 565th light infantry battalions in Buthidaung, the AA  fighters have maintained their offensive to seize all the junta's bases in the locality.


Local residents reported that the junta soldiers conducted airstrikes with jet fighters in the night hours too.

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