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AA fighters occupy hometown of junta chief’s wife

Lu Htet Naing, Narinjara News, 13 May 2024

The Arakha Army (AA) occupied Zee Kyun village, hometown of Myanmar junta chief senior general Min Aung Hlaing’s wife Kyu Kyu Hla in Shwe Hlay sub-township under  Thandwe township in the afternoon hours on 12 May.

"The AA fighters entered Zee Kyun village, but they did not harm the residents. Some villagers had already fled due to the conflict. Kyu Kyu Hla’s  relatives also left the village. The fighters have taken positions in Myin Saing Maw village, on the other side of Zee Kyun area, which is not even a mile away from Lin Thi village," said a local villager.

Currently, the AA fighters have occupied Nat Maw and Talaing Tel villages, which are on the same side of Zee Kyun. Myin Saing Maw village, located on the other side of Zee Kyun, has also come under the AA’s control.


The junta forces fired artillery shells around Zee Kyun village on Sunday and some of the shells landed on Nat Maw village.


The residents revealed that the artillery shelling on 4 May by the junta soldiers landed near the monastery of  Zee Kyun village.


"The AA fighters have besieged the soldiers. Some left Shwe Hlay bridge with belongings to relocate. Some others stayed for the ambush patrols. They cannot move towards Thandwe,  as the AA fighters have blocked Kwae Chaung and Nat Taw Maung areas,” added the villager.

They are now stationed at Kwae Chaung, Yae Sin and Nat Taw Maung villages along the Shwe Hlay-Thandwe road. Many are deployed at Kyat Sar Chaung, Daung Pyin and Kha Yan Maw villages too.

Some AA fighters are stationed at  Chaung Lel Taw and Seik Gyi villages. Both the villages are accessible by the waterways from  Thandwe. Many are positioned at Pyun Khaung mountain.

On 4 May, an intense fighting erupted between the junta soldiers and AA fighters near Kyaung Kone, Ohn Maw and Lin Thi villages, which are close to Shwe Hlay bridge. It’s very near to Kyu Kyu Hla’s hometown.


A number of clashes were reported in Shwe Hlay sub-township in southern Rakhine State on 13, 22, 26, 28 April, 3, 4 and 7 May. The junta forces sustained many casualties in these battles and they used navy and air force personnel to fire the artillery shells.


A large number of local villagers fled to  safer places. Many sought refuge in the monasteries and relatives’ houses  in Shwe Hlay village and Thandwe urban areas.

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