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7,000 Muslims seek refuge in AA controlled territory due to junta’s artillery shelling

Narinjara News, 14 May 2024

Around 7,000 Muslims in Buthidaung township sought refuge in the territory under the control of Arakan Army (AA) on 8 May after they faced relentless artillery shelling by the junta forces over a number of villages under  Buthidaung township in Rakhine State.

The AA officials have accommodated those Muslim people at safe places with necessary care.


“The AA authorized persons gave shelter & food, who fled the battle zones to AA controlled areas, without any discrimination to their religion or races. The AA officials have arranged their accommodation and food items with necessary care,”  said a person, assisting in the rescue operations of those Muslims from the conflict localities.


The Muslim villagers hail from Ka Kya Bat, Ka Kya Bat Kan Pyin, Myaung Nar, Ah Lel Chaung, Ba Gone Nar  and Let Thar  in Buthidaung township and they left their places to escape the troubles.

 They fled due to conflicts in Buthidaung township as the downtown area is still under the control of junta military personnel.


Some Muslims from these villages have reportedly fled the conflict to downtown area of Buthidaung, which is still under the control of the junta forces, and some Muslim families got  shelters in the 8th border guard police battalion base.


In Buthidaung township, there are intense gun fighting between the junta forces and AA fighters as the AA is waging a war to capture all junta battalions based in Buthidaung. According to a reliable source, the AA occupied military operation planning bureau (15) and at least eight  battalion headquarters  in Buthidaung locality so far.

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