Tuesday, May 21st 2024

Facing casualties in Thandwe, junta forces deploy Muslims from Sittwe and conscripts from Ayeyarwady

 Aye Myat Khaing, Narinjara News, 14 May 2024


The military junta has been deploying Muslims from Sittwe and conscripts from the Ayeyarwady region due to several casualties among soldiers in the Thandwe battle under  Rakhine State, said a reliable military source.


"The number of soldiers remaining in the base is very low. Currently, conscripts from the Ayeyarwady region are being dispatched to Thandwe. Around two battalions among the reinforcements from Ayeyarwady were lost in the fighting at Ramree. Now only the conscripts are being sent along with the Muslims from Sittwe," added the military source.

The young men, who have undergone military training in villages around Myar creek and Shwe Kyaung Pyin village under Thandwe, were compelled to engage in the combat near Tha Htay hydropower project, which compelled many of them to flee.

The deployment of conscripts with limited military training and no prior combat experience led to high casualties in the Thandwe battle.


"The increase in casualties is due to the conscripts' lack of combat experience. Initially, the Thandwe-based battalions had only a few soldiers. Now, as conscripts arrive in Thandwe 55th battalion, they have changed their uniforms," explained the source.


On 9 May, the junta soldiers, stationed in Lin Thi village, went to Sue Pote Kone village to buy goods from  the market. On their return,  they were intercepted by the Arakha Army fighters, resulting in high casualties among the soldiers including some veterans.


 More than 50 junta soldiers, including two officers from the 55th infantry battalion based in Ngapali, were killed in the gun fighting that broke out in Shwe Hlay sub-township. Two young men, who received military training, also died in the battle.


On 6 May, at least 30 soldiers were killed and several others sustained injuries when two artillery shells malfunctioned and exploded during firing from the tactical operation command stationed on Bar Taung mountain towards  Shwe Hlay sub-township, where the fighting was going on, stated a source close to the AA.

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