Tuesday, May 21st 2024

Junta forces conduct airstrikes on several areas in Kyaukphyu, civilian injured, village school damaged

Kant Kaw Ni Ni, Aung Kywe Nyein, Narinjara News, 14 May 2024


The junta forces have reportedly conducted many airstrikes on Kyaukphyu township of  Rakhine State. The navy and battalions also fired artillery shells resulting in the injury of a civilian.

The areas where the junta soldiers  conducted artillery shelling and airstrikes include the mountains between Kyaung Khoe and Chaung Phyar villages along with the nearby areas to  Laung Chaung village under  Myo Chaung sub-township.

The individual hit by shell shrapnel is identified as U Aye Khin Maung (45) who hails from Chaung Phyar village.


On 11 May, the junta soldiers conducted two rounds of airstrikes with the jet fighters on the mountains between Kyaung Khoe and Chaung Phyar villages at around 2 and 4 pm, said a military source.


"The  airstrikes were carried out by the  jet fighters on the mountains between Kyaung Khoe and Chaung Phyar villages even though there was no incidents of fighting. Later, the jet fighters arrived once again and conducted airstrikes over those areas," added the source.


Furthermore, the junta's navy and battalions fired artillery shells that injured U Aye Khin Maung from Chaung Phyar village in his thigh and forehead.

"There was a military vessel located near  Min Pyin village, which fired artillery shells almost every day. Doe Tan Baung police battalion also engaged in firing the artillery shells," stated  the source.


During the midnight of 11 May and early hours on 12 May, the junta forces conducted airstrikes using a jet fighter near Laung Chaung village under  Myo Chaung sub-township. Many  windows of the village school were damaged by the shell shrapnel.

"However, there was no casualty," asserted the source, adding that the airstrikes were conducted twice, where the school building and its windows were damaged," said a villager.


As the villagers went to sleep, the  junta forces conducted the airstrikes with jet fighters. It led the residents of Laung Chaung village to seek refuge in bomb shelters and other safe areas.


The junta forces are stationed at the industrial training centre near Min Tat Taung village and they are carrying out drone attacks on Thit Pote Taung intersection every day. On 12 May, they conducted another bomb attack, added the villager.

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