Monday, June 17th 2024

Junta recalls departed NGO/INGO staff from Sittwe

Thinzar Nwe, Narinjara News, 15 May 2024


The military junta is urging the NGO/INGO workers, who had left Sittwe in Rakhine State to avoid the conflicts,  to return and resume works, said an individual close to the NGO/INGO activities.


 "Many NGO and INGO workers were relocated from Sittwe to Yangon and other regions of Myanmar. Many workers got reduced salaries in Yangon. Hence they are expecting to come back to Sittwe following the junta’s call. They hope that after returning to Sittwe they will get  full salaries,” stated the individual.


The resurgence of conflicts between the junta forces and Arakha Army (AA) fighters in Rakhine State visibly decreased the activities of NGOs and INGOs. It resulted in job loss and livelihood hardships for the staff members.


"The  junta has blocked roads, tightened inspections and restricted movement to other townships except Sittwe, thus posing difficulties for NGOs and INGOs. Now the junta is recalling them to return, even though the question remains- Who will ensure their safety and security?” added the person.


Due to the inactions of  NGOs and INGOs, the Rakhine residents are not receiving enough  assistance. A man from Ah Htet Myat Hle IDP camp in Ponnagyun township stated that many refugees are surviving without proper shelter after the cyclone Mocha and they are in dire need of other assistance.


"We have not received much help from the organizations. WFP (World Food Programme) people have not supported us  for many months. We are struggling to live and now relying on occasional labour jobs," added the refugee.

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