Monday, June 17th 2024

Junta’s airstrikes damage Wea Gyi Daunt hospital of Kyauktaw, injure 20 individuals

Aye Myat Khaing, Narinjara News, 16 May 2024


The military junta’s airstrikes on Wea Gyi Daunt hospital in Kyauktaw township of Rakhine State have damaged the entire hospital. Moreover, 20 individuals including some medical staff, patients and caretakers sustained injuries, said a statement issued 15 May by the Arakan Army (AA).


The junta forces at 12:16 am on May 14 carried out the airstrikes targeting Wea Gyi Daunt village. Among those injured, five were seriously wounded, added the AA statement. It also mentioned casualties, but did not specify the number.


About 15 minutes before the bombing on the hospital, three rounds were fired at a high school in Lan Ma Taw village. Five displaced individuals who were fleeing at that time sustained injuries.


The statement asserted that the junta forces are facing defeats in various places and now they are committing war crimes by targeting the civilians. Even the markets and hospitals are not spared by the soldiers.


The junta’s actions are endangering civilians’  lives as well as their houses and other properties. Regular fatalities are reported across Myanmar. The AA is planning to record necessary data of casualties and send those to the international community soon.


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