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4 Thandwe policemen flee with arms

Thinzar Nwe, Narinjara News, 16 May 2024

Four policemen from Thandwe police station in Rakhine State have fled with weapons. A woman from Thandwe informed Narinjara News that they deserted the police station on 13 May.


"They are Bamar people and their families did not accompany them. Moreover, they are not residents of Thandwe," she added.


The concerned policemen were relocated from Myebon township and they took away some weapons with them.


"During the conflict, some police officers were relocated from Myebon. Some police personnel from Taungup, Pauktaw and other northern places also were transferred to Thandwe. The absconding policemen may have entered in the liberated areas," asserted the lady.


The military junta has reinforced Thandwe with the  police officers and soldiers, who fled the conflict and they are now preparing to resist the Arakha Army (AA) fighters. They are looking for the fleeing policemen.


In Manaung, some administrators and policemen fled after the junta forces implemented the conscription law. In Taungup too, a station commander and a senior constable fled from the local police station fearing the gun fighting.


Due to the heightened conflicts in southern Rakhine, there has been a surge in the number of administrators, policemen and soldiers under the military junta who are fleeing their bases. Some of them have even sought refuge from the AA.

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