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Junta shelling kills 10 people at Thandwe village

Lu Htet Naing , Narinjara News, 16 May 2024


At least 9 local Kaman and one Rakhine people were killed at Lin Thi village under  Thandwe township of Rakhine State as the junta forces had fired artillery shells on the night of 14 May, said the residents.


The incident marks the first on-the-spot death caused by the junta shelling in Thandwe locality.


The victims include U Nyi Lay (47), Ma Nge Lay (25), Ah Pu Lay (21), U Maung Lay (26), Ma May Pu (27), U Tin Maung Nyunt (47), Daw Than Than (63) and Daw May Li Yan (75). Two others Daw Ma Nyant (55) and Daw Than Myint (Rakhine) died while they were transported to the hospital.


The village is situated approximately 17 miles north of Thandwe town. It comprises over 300 houses and is predominantly inhabited by Kaman people.


The artillery shells struck Lin Thi village at around 8:30 pm resulting in immediate deaths of three local men and four women. Additionally, one woman lost one of her arms.


"The artillery shells landed at night. The soldiers were present at  the village and hence we didn't dare to come out. The indiscriminate firing by junta soldiers even prevented the villagers from fleeing from their places,” said a local resident.


The  injured individuals were taken to Thandwe hospital and  three individuals died there.


The artillery shells were fired from Bar Daunt mountain and Kwin Wine naval base in Thandwe locality.


As the Arakha Army (AA) besieged them, over 200 junta soldiers who were stationed at the top of Shwe Hlay bridge of  Lin Thi village did not receive reinforcements from Thandwe. They are now living among the civilian population due to fear. The residents of Lin Thi village are now prohibited from fleeing.


"It is like we are only waiting to die here. Lin Thi residents are not permitted to leave the village. Despite knowing the AA's bases, the soldiers are targeting the civilians. Among the deceased individuals was the grandmother from Zee Taw Maw. Many lost their limbs. The families residing near the police station also suffered casualties," added the resident.


On 13 May, Auk Nat Maw village under Thandwe township was also struck by indiscriminate artillery shelling. A house caught fire and three civilians were injured.


Likewise on 9 May, amid the clashes between the junta forces and AA fighters, some artillery shells landed near the intersection of Lin Thi village under Shwe Hlay sub-township. A civilian was injured by shell shrapnel and he passed away at a Yangon hospital.


Shwe Hlay sub-township residents  noted that the continuous howitzer firing from Bar Taung mountain at Thandwe’s exit point and Thu Khoe San ridge near Thandwe urban ward scared the local residents. Some artillery shells landed in the field between Zee Kyun and Talaing Tel villages under Shwe Hlay sub-township also.

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