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Junta forces conduct overnight guest list inspection in Sittwe monasteries, arrest 100 youths

Thinzar Nwe

Narinjara News, 18 May 2024

The junta forces arrested over 100 youths after an overnight guest list inspection at the monasteries of Sittwe, the capital of Rakhine State and taken them away by cars.

The junta soldiers conducted the overnight guest list inspection at several locations on 15 May, said a resident of Sittwe.

The locations include Shwe Zedi monastery, Buddhist University, Taung Chay monastery, Myo Ma monastery and Buddha Maw monastery. During the process, the soldiers arrested those youths who did not possess National Registration Cards issued to the Sittwe residents


"The inspection process resulted in picking up those non-residents of Sittwe. The reason for their arrest remains  unclear, but they are suspected to be associated with the Arakha Army (AA). Shockingly, two patients coming from rural areas for treatment at Taung Chay monastery, were also arrested," added the resident.


An individual near the police station informed Narinjara News that it was unclear where the arrested individuals were taken away by the soldiers.


"In earlier occasions, closer relatives were allowed to meet the detainees at Sittwe police station. However, I have no idea if it’s done this time,” he added.

The monasteries subjected to overnight guest list inspections are located in Kone Tan, Kyaung Tat Lan, Ywar Gyi (south), Ywar Gyi (north), Bauk Thee Su and San Pya wards.


Since the conflict erupted in Sittwe during November 2023, a number of individuals were arrested arbitrarily from their residences. Many  others were apprehended as they travelled to rural areas via the boats.

The AA’s humanitarian and development coordination office (HDCO) claimed that the junta forces had arrested 471 civilians, comprising 424 men and 47 women (including Muslims) over a period of four months (from 13 November 2023 to 21 March 2024), since the gun fighting erupted in the Rakhine region.


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