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Junta attacks kill 268 civilians, displace 570,000 in recent Arakan conflicts

Lu Htet Naing, Narinjara News, 29 May 2024

During the six-month resurgence of gun fighting in Arakan State, 268 civilians were killed and 640 were injured due to attacks by junta forces, said the Humanitarian and Development Coordination Office (HDCO) of the Arakha Army (AA).


The casualties were reported because of airstrikes, artillery shelling  and small arms firing carried out by the junta forces, added the HDCO in a statement issued on 27 May.


The casualties took place during the period from 13 November 2023, to 13 May 2024. The deceased include 182 Arakanese, 78 Muslims, 3 Mro, 2 Bamar, 2 Khumi, and 1 Maramagyi people.


The injured individuals comprise 509 Arakanese, 112 Muslims, 8 Maramagyi, 6 Khumi, 5 Chaw and 2 Mro people.

According to the statement, Minbya township with 56 deaths and 172 injuries recorded the highest civilian casualties, followed by  Mrauk-U township (42 dead and 72 injured).



Currently, the civilian areas are being targeted by the junta forces with airstrikes and artillery shelling.


The statement also added that the number of people displaced by the gun fighting has reached 57,230 individuals.

Now most of the internally displaced people are living in camps with an urgent need of humanitarian assistance including food items, medicines and shelters.


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