Sunday, July 21st 2024

Junta sends 100 soldiers to Kyaukpyu by aircraft for reinforcement

Kant Kaw Ni Ni

Narinjara News, 31 May 2024


The junta forces have recently reinforced their presence in Kyaukphyu town of  Arakan State by airlifting around 100 soldiers on Tuesday.


Two aircraft, including the military junta's Y-12 carrier, landed at Kyaukphyu airport at around

5 pm on  28 May, said a local  observer of the military situation.


"The aircrafts Y-12 and ATR-72 landed at the airport with 100 soldiers onboard. The soldiers were sent to the Kyaukphyu infantry battalion,” he added.


The junta soldiers were dispatched from Hmawbi to reinforce the 34th infantry battalion stationed in Kyaukphyu town.


As Kyaukphyu, where the Chinese investments are visible, is important for the interest of the junta, they are consistently reinforcing and making special military preparations to defend their bases against Arakha Army (AA) fighters.


The junta also conscripted hundreds of Muslim IDPs after arming them to fight against the AA fighters as they may launch an offensive on Kyaukphyu.


In the second week of February, the junta soldiers and AA fighters  engaged in fierce clashes in Kyaukphyu resulting in the death of around  50 soldiers and injuries to hundred  others.


The junta  forces proceeded to launch airstrikes on towns and villages inhabited by the civilians. On 8 May the soldiers launched the drone bombings on Sane town, resulting in the death of one woman and injuries to seven others.

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