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Junta forces demolish Chaung Nwe Min Gan village that houses 100 families

Thinzar Nwe

Narinjara News, 31 May 2024

The junta forces demolished Chaung Nwe Min Gan village, that supported over 100 families, under Sittwe township of  Arakan State.

A Sittwe resident informed Narinjara News that on the morning of 30 May, the junta soldiers, police personnel, municipality and other department staff used Muslims to demolish the village.


"The security forces hired Muslims from Than Taw Li village with Kyats 10,500 per day to carry out the demolition in Chaung Nwe Min Gan village," added the resident.


A local resident confirmed that  Chaung Nwe Min Gan village comprises over 100 families and it was fully destroyed.


"There are only elderly residents left in the village. The villagers have been fleeing the conflict for some time now. The houses in  the village are being demolished one by one. There must be over 100 houses," he added.

The junta forces also detained villagers from Set Yoe Kya ward (Byine Phyu village) under Sittwe and demolished several houses.


Some residents in collaboration with the junta forces even sold a few houses of the fleeing villagers.


In March, the remaining houses in Taw Kan village (which were not burnt down) were demolished by the junta forces and even sold to businessmen.

The villagers from Ah Myin Kyun village stated that the soldiers from Ah Myint Kyun police station in Sittwe along with other military camps entered the  village and seized the villagers' food items, destroying their house  and even selling the houses for using as firewood. ( Photo- Old one)

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